Building, repairing and energising strong bodies.

For brain, heart, bone, joint, eye and mental health.

Preventing disease and helping you stay youthful.

Essential for brain function, a healthy immune system and fertility.

Giving you energy and supporting your nervous system and mental health.

Essential for mental development in infants and metabolic health.

For mighty muscles and energy to burn.

It’s an antioxidant – and you couldn’t build blood cells without it.

Essential for mental development in infants and metabolic health.

It repairs damaged cells, supports eye-sight and looks after your skin.

It helps cell and tissue growth and is vital for developing fetuses.

It carries oxygen around your body and helps remove carbon dioxide from your blood.

For strong healthy bones and longer-lasting teeth!

It protects you from the common cold and other nasties.

Eggs are one of the only foods with Vitamin D. It’s vital for bone development in children and helps prevent diabetes.


Nutritional wisdom is an ever-evolving wonder! There was a time when people were advised to limit their egg consumption because of cholesterol fears.  However, more recent research has shown that saturated fats are more responsible for blood cholesterol than the cholesterol or unsaturated fats found in eggs. In fact, eggs contain omega-3 fatty acids which are anti–inflammatory fats important for reducing the risk of heart disease.